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How My Classroom Library Has Grown!

Okay, so like most teachers, I am kind of a perfectionist.  I have been putting off starting my blog posts because I honestly don’t even know where to start and of course – I want it to be perfect!  I have so many ideas to share and things to say!  The majority of last week was spent trying to figure out how to organize it all before I start – what ideas do I share first?  How many things should I talk about in one post?  In one day?  How often should I post?  Yada yada yada…but then I had an epiphany!  Just like many of my teaching ideas and lessons…I just have to jump in and work through the kinks as I go.  So that is me today – jumping in!  Now because it is Saturday, and all we have planned is taking our dog and cat to the vet, I have a feeling I may get a little obsessed with my posts (obsession goes along with my perfectionism).


o ….

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~One thing that I love most about blog browsing is looking at pictures!  So I am digging through my picture files to see what I have to share!

Let’s start with my most prized possession….my BOOKS!!!  As stated above…I am obsessed with many things –  but buying books takes the cake.  But not brand new books – no no no…too expensive – and not very thrilling!  Now, don’t get me wrong – I do love the smell and feel of a crisp, brand new book (who doesn’t?).  But what do I love even more?  I love the hunt.  Thrift store shopping is my drug of choice.  There is something about sitting, digging, flipping, and scrounging through dusty shelves until you find that wondrous title that you have been waiting for!  It’s like winning the lottery!

When I started teaching 8 years ago, I immediately began building my library!  I don’t have a great picture of it, but I found this one.  You can barely see it behind the girl in the purple and the study carrel!  It started small with just one shelf (that had been left in the room) and the books were not leveled – simply organized by genre.

My First Classroom Library

8 years later and MANY trips to the thrift stores, this is what my library looks like today!

My Current Classroom Library

Books galore!  Beautifully organized by genre and all books are leveled. Every book has it’s own label with my name, the genre, and guided reading level!  I’ll add photos of the individual book labels at another time!  I use the Sterilite plastic shoe boxes found at Target for all my books.  I made custom genre labels to fit these boxes.  You can get my labels in my TPT store for FREE…click here to see them!

Okay, that is all I can handle today…just writing this simple post and adding the images was a huge learning experience!  Time to enjoy the rest of my Saturday!




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