Midnight FLASH FREEBIE – More Mystery Graphic Organizers!

We are wrapping up our Mystery Unit next week :(  I really love this unit because it is so engaging for my students.  This year we created “case files” to go with our books and I made a bunch of graphic organizers.  I blogged about one last week and how I used my character trait cards during this unit…you can read about it by clicking here.

I also made some other graphic organizers that go into more detail about the specific characters, questioning strategies, inferring (based on clues), etc.  This pack has many more options as far as graphic organizers than the simple one I wrote about last week.  Click the pic to visit my TPT store and snag them!  They will only be free until I wake up in the morning!

Mystery Graphic Organizers - Full Page Cover Image

My class actually put together “case files” using these ones!  It was a blast!  Of course, there are some things that I wish I would have done differently (but isn’t that always the case?).  Here are some photos!Making the mystery case files!

Making our mystery case files!

Getting their assigned case!

Learning all my mystery vocab!

Completing all the "paperwork"!


I am sad to see this unit come to an end, but we are planning a fun project for next week to celebrate the end of the unit!  Check back to see that!

Finally, I am linking up with Farley for the March Currently and Gina for Slim Down Saturday!

march currently

Listening – I am listening to complete silence.  Everyone (husband and pets) in the house is sleeping…except me!  I am up and it is 2:30am!!!  I am such a night owl and it makes for difficult mornings!

Loving – I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT FRIDAY AT 4:00!!!!!!!!!!!  SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

Thinking – We have a wedding to go to tomorrow and I have nothing to wear and my hair is atrocious!  I will be shopping in the morning…

Wanting – Conferences are all next week and am I prepared for them…no…but that is me.  I procrastinate until the very last minute and then I work at my finest!

Needing – Report cards have to be done on Monday and have I started…no…but that is me.  I procrastinate until the very last minute and then I work at my finest!

?????? – So, it probably isn’t the most difficult mystery question!

Onward!  Slim Down Saturdays are really turning into me saying the exact.same.things.every.week.  I need to drink water…yada yada yada.  I need to stop drinking so much soda…yada yada yada.  I need to workout…should I even go into it all this week?!  Mexico is officially a week away…well at least I haven’t gained any over these past weeks!  I will keep at it though!  Click the pic to link-up (this link is not live yet – so keep checkin back!)



Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think your question is “Where am I going on Spring Break?” Did I get it right??? Your Spring Break is early! We don’t have ours until the 24th.