Entering the blog world!

I finally decided to enter the world of blogging!  After spending 8-12 hours this weekend of sitting in front of my computer and learning as much as I possibly can about blogs and HTML and widgets and everything else that goes along with blogging, I have a somewhat rudimentary blog up and running!

Now it’s time to switch gears and actually be productive!  How did you learn about blogging and what is your advice?  I know I am not going to get any answers, because I have no followers…hehe!  Gotta start somewhere!




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  1. Hi Kate! I read your blog reply over at my blog, but wasn’t able to reply because you have a “no reply blogger” setting. Then I read your blog and wanted to leave a comment, but I couldn’t find where to leave the comment. I am a determined person though. I kept searching until I found a place under your All About Me. Now I feel accomplished. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. If you come up with a cure for our Diet Coke addictions besides just drinking water…let me know! LOL!

    • Alison – thank you for your determination!! I just started this blog a few weeks ago and have some things to tweak with the way everything is set up. It is good to know that it was difficult to comment…now I have to figure out how to fix that!

      Kate :)

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