For the first time ever…

Well, I did it!  I have been debating this move for awhile and finally just did it.  It was a difficult decision but one that I am not regretting!  What did I do you ask?


{insert the shocking dun dun duuuun music}

Every night (and always with good intentions) I lug home a bag FULL of stuff plus a bin FULL of stuff.  I am sure you can guess what happens.  It…just…sits…there.  But it doesn’t sit silently.  It guilts me every night as I neglect it.  Not anymore.  It was an amazing feeling getting out of my car when I got home with nothing but my purse to carry in!  From now on, my teacher bag (and bin) will only come home on the weekends…no more weeknights!  I need more time for me!  My bag of school work will be there waiting patiently for me in the morning!

Curious…how much work do you bring home with you every night?

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU! I keep a list of stuff that I have to do on Wunderlist online. I check stuff off as I go, but I very rarely bring stuff home. Any work that I do is either on the computer, online or on my thumb drive. I can access all of my teacher manuals online , my plan book, etc. I will stay at school until I get papers graded and entered into the online gradebook, but the rest stays there. It feels good not to have that hanging over my head and allows for me time!
    Rockin’ and Lovin’ Learnin’

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