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  1. Lynette Farr

    Hi Kate, I am a second grade teacher that loved your Math Expression’s vocabulary cards. I just moved to Second from kindergarten and would love to know of anyone that has done the same type of math vocab cards for 2nd grade Math Expressions? I may need to make my own but they may lack the “cuteness” factor! Thanks, Lynette

  2. Katie Bengford

    Hi Kate – just wanted to share with you that I am Katie – I teach 5th grade – I also do a bee thing – “Bengford’s Busy Bees”….I have never come across anyone who has done that same thing – my class found it funny – and shocking that there is another teacher that uses the same phrase.

  3. Hi, Kate! I wanted to let you know that I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award, an award for up-and-coming blogs! Check out the details at my blog, here .

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